People in France comment on Skyrise Miami proposal

Skyrise Miami proposed to be built along Biscayne Bay

PARIS – Skyrise Miami, the towering observation deck ?proposed to be built along Biscayne Bay, has been called a lot of things. Proponents have even called it the "Eiffel Tower of Miami."

What do people who work near the Eiffel Tower in Paris think? The reviews are mixed.

One woman who sells purses and souvenirs near the landmark said the design was magnificent.

But many others said the Skyrise design lacks the history to be an iconic part of South Florida.

"No, this is like Dubai, you know? Like a new, big building, but with no history behind it," said another vendor.

A police officer who worked the Eiffel Tower beat agreed.

"I don't know, because the Eiffel Tower has a real story regarding the war, the First World War," he said.

Indeed; during World War I the tower intercepted enemy radio communications.

Whether people in Paris think the Skyrise design is worthy is interesting, but what matters is what people in Miami think. Voters will weigh in on whether it's built in August.