Pilot springs for pizza for stranded passengers

Passengers were waiting on tarmac for hours during storms

(KUSA / Logan Marie Torres)

DENVER – You can get a pizza delivered practically anywhere these days, but on an airplane?

The answer is yes, especially when the pilot is paying.

Strange as it would seem, that was the situation passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight bound for Denver found themselves on Monday night.

Because of severe storms in the Denver area, Frontier flight 719 was diverted to Cheyenne, Wyo.

According to KUSA-TV in Denver, the plane remained on the tarmac for hours when the pilot decided to spring into action.

Reaching into his own pocket, the pilot ordered 50 pizzas and had them delivered to feed his hungry passengers.

A photograph sent to the Denver TV station shows flight attendants passing out the pies to smiling, happy customers not used to such generosity in the skies these days.

The storms eventually cleared and the flight was able to resume to its final destination with a full complement of full stomachs.