Paddleboard yoga comes to Miami

People around the world connect with fresh form of exercise

MIAMI – A fusion of two long-standing traditions and a teacher are at the forefront of a movement.

"What I love about paddleboard yoga is the concept that you're really connecting to the water element, so you have to learn how to ground into the flow as the water is moving beneath you and connect to that fluidity," said Dashama. "It's really useful to apply this principle into your everyday life, as things are always changing in life, and really learn to go with the flow."

Yogi and author Dashama's strong presence on the web and at conferences and seminars around the world has helped connect people with the fresh form of exercise.

"I've taught people of all ages," said Dashama. "You can be a beginner and just enjoy more basic poses."

But this innovative hybrid isn't something new; yoga is an ancient practice, and people have been standing on boards for one reason or another for some time.

Dashama will be returning to Miami from Oct. 9-12 to lead a four-day paddleboard yoga teacher training. has the schedule of her upcoming world tour.