Plane to spray for mosquitos in South Fla. Thursday night


HOMESTEAD, Fla. – At the Homestead Air Force base sits a C-130H Aircraft. If weather permits, the plane will fly above part of South Florida Thursday night to spray for mosquitoes.

Inside the plane is 90 gallons of an Environmental Protection Agency-approved pesticide called Naled. A small amount of the pesticide will shoot out of yellow tubes on each side of the aircraft. According to officials, they've been doing this in South Florida since 1947.

"The application rate is .5 an acre, so half a shot glass on a football field," said Lt. Col David Tancer of Operation Mosquito Control.

The plane will fly 150 feet above the ground and kill the mosquitoes right in the air. It's a mission that requires perfect timing and good weather.

"Since it is an aerial spray, most mosquitoes have to be in the air to contact the material," said Lt. Col Karl Haagsma.

"We can't have rain and we can't have storms which is a big hindrance around here in the afternoons," said Lt. Col Frank Galati.

According to officials, the amount of pesticides sprayed does not pose a public threat.

Click here to view a map of the area to be sprayed for mosquitoes.

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