Police investigate after boy injured during SWAT team raid

12-year-old says officers stormed into aunt's Coconut Grove home, hit him in face

MIAMI – Miami police are investigating after one family claimed SWAT officers bombarded a home with three children inside, injuring two of them.

Relatives said they were outraged after finding the address listed on the narcotics search warrant didn't match the home officers raided. However, Local 10 News confirmed Friday that police raided the same house that was listed on the warrant.

Aaron McClendon, 12, said he was asleep Thursday morning around 11 a.m. when officers rushed into his aunt's Coconut Grove home. He was visiting from Georgia and claimed an officer yanked him out of bed and hit him in the face.

"There's still some good (officers) out there," the 12-year old told Local 10. "Just not them."

McClendon's family said Aaron, his brother and 13-year-old cousin were home alone at the time.

They claimed officers forced their way into a back kitchen door and hit Aaron McClendon's cousin in the back of the head with a rifle.

The family documented all the injuries and said they plan to take legal action.

They said police told them the address on the search warrant was incorrect, but still insisted that they did mean to raid that specific home.

Records show officers did seize some marijuana, cash and a gun.

Miami police declined to go into detail about the case but said they are investigating the matter and following up with the family.

Aaron McClendon's father said he is outraged after the way his children were treated.

Bobby McClendon traveled to Miami after hearing the news and is demanding justice.

Relatives said Aaron McClendon's cousin, Albert Brooks, received several stitches in his head.

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