Police identify teens who broke into Ray Allen's home

7 suspects expected to be charged with trespassing

CORAL GABLES, Fla. * A previous version of this story incorrectly reported that there were eight suspects involved in the incident when the correct number is seven. Also, the article listed Sara Sigel as someone who entered the home, which was incorrect information. We apologize for the error. *

Police have released the names of the seven teenagers who broke into former Miami Heat star Ray Allen's Coral Gables home while his wife and children were home alone sleeping last week.

Police said Ernesto Romero, Kevin Ramos, Alana Garcia, Christian Lobo, Angel Sanchez, and Jorge Guerrero, all 18, along with Jonathan Ramirez, 19, admitted to breaking into the home.

The teens told officers they were at a party next door and wanted to check out the Allens' home, claiming they thought the basketball star had moved out.

One of the teen's friend's mothers turned the group in, saying, "Eight of her daughter's friends did something stupid."

The teens claim they allowed curiosity to cloud their judgment and said they got in through an unlocked backdoor and did not plan to steal anything.

But Shannon Walker Allen said she feared for her safety and that of her kids when the group broke into her bedroom while they were sleeping.

Police said the young adults could only be charged with misdemeanors and that the Allens would have to personally file a complaint with the state attorney's office.

"The Allens did come into the state attorney's office yesterday," a spokesman for the office said in a statement Tuesday. "They have provided statements regarding the incident at their home and they do wish to press criminal charges.  Presently, we are continuing to gather evidence regarding this matter."

All seven teens are expected to be charged with trespassing of an occupied building.