Red Lobster robbed in Kendall,Thieves take off with $500

2 employees rushed to hospital

MIAMI – A Red Lobster restaurant in Kendall was robbed just after 11 p.m. Sunday by two armed men.

The pair stormed into the restaurant located off 11550 N. Kendall Drive as the restaurant was closing. 

The robbers managed to get in through the front door as an employee was leaving her shift. They then ordered the bartender Leron Reid and manager Edith Olivares to hand over their cellphones and to open a safe. 

Once the robbers took $500, they forced the workers to go inside the freezer and closed the door behind them.

The employees were able to get out of the freezer and called for help. They were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for their injuries: Olivares was pistol whipped and Reid suffered a hand and back injury. 

They are expected to be okay. 

"I'm relieved that there was no death or anything like that because it could have gone so badly," said general manager Neil Anderson. "I'm concerned for the well being of my employees in the long run. They are a great crew, they are like a family."

Call police if you have any information about this robbery.