Man accused of killing Coral Springs businessman appears in court

Gustavo Enamorado-Dubon appears in court after detectives say he's innocent

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Murder suspect Gustavo Enamorado-Dubon made his first appearance Thursday in court since Local 10 News obtained an audiotape in which two detectives on his case said they believe he is innocent.

After Local 10's report the state attorney made a high-stakes offer to Dubon that could set him free, but in her first interview, Dubon's attorney said he will likely take his chances at trial.

"He's telling the court and the world that he's innocent of these charges," said Dubon's attorney, Anne LeMaster.

Dubon is accused of murdering Coral Springs businessman Francisco Cuevas in the first degree, and the charges say he confessed. While Dubon got a break from his jail cell Thursday to attend a routine hearing his attorney, for the first time, provided his side of the story.

"As they said in the recording, they don't have proof he was in the country," said LeMaster, adding Dubon won't take a plea deal. "He has proof that he was in his country, which is Honduras."

Two Coral Springs police detectives on the case apparently agree Dubon is innocent. They were caught on audiotape after Dubon was jailed last year saying they believe he wasn't involved in the murder.

Since the recording first aired on Local 10, it's received national attention. In the recording two detectives working the case told their supervisor they think Dubon is innocent.

State Attorney Michael Satz is pushing forward with the prosecution, but has made Dubon a rare high-stakes offer: if he passes a lie-detector test, he would be set free.

In that case it would be used against Dubon at trial. LeMaster said Dubon wants to take it, but a decision hasn't been made -- in part because Dubon has mental problems that she said could lead to a false reading.

"The results of lie detectors are inadmissible for a reason, and it's because they're unreliable," said LeMaster.

Defense attorney LeMaster said she plans to hold a bond hearing to try to get Dubon out of jail before the trial, which is expected to start as soon as January.

The detectives also complain on the tape Dubon provided no information to them in his confession that wasn't already in the media and that they believed he cooperated in the case in a bid to keep from being deported.