Man arrested after throwing rocks, screaming sexually biased slurs, police say


WINTON MANORS, Fla. – Police have made an arrest a week after a Wilton Manors man claimed another man threw rocks at him and screamed sexually biased slurs.

According to the arrest report, Tyler Ahmed of Fort Lauderdale was walking home from Georgie's Alibi after a night of drinking on Sept. 16, when he walked near the man's home.

The man told police he arrived home to find his roommate talking to Ahmed. The roommate told the man that he caught Ahmed looking into their townhouse windows.

The man told officers that he got into a heated exchange with Ahmed, who called him a sexually biased slur and threw rocks at him and his home -- one of which hit the man's stomach. Police said the man then chased Ahmed down Northeast Ninth Avenue toward Dixie Highway.

According to Ahmed's sworn statement, the man beat him up, although police said there were no marks or evidence to support those claims. Ahmed also told investigators that he did throw rocks at the man's balcony to get back at the man for assaulting him.

Detectives said it does not appear that Ahmed attacked the man due to his sexual orientation, but that he was "agitated and inebriated and attacked the victim with no rational justification."

Ahmed is charged with felony battery. Police said he was convicted on a misdemeanor battery charge  in a separate case.

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