Father, son create wristbands that act as shark repellent

Sharkbanz uses electromagnetic technology to ward off predators

The creators of these wristbands claim they will scare off sharks in the water.
The creators of these wristbands claim they will scare off sharks in the water. (Sharkbanz.com)

Sharks can be a terror in the water, but one father and son said they've come up with a way to keep sharks away with a special wristband.

They call their invention Sharkbanz, which uses special technology to scare the ocean predators away.

Sharks are able to sense electrical impulses given off by all living creatures. It's how they are able to hunt for food in dark, murky water. But it's also how the Sharkbanz are able to ward them off.

"Most shark attacks occur in murky water where the shark is just relying on its electrical sense to see what is around it, and occasionally they will come up to people and take a nip out of you to see what you are," co-founder Nathan Garrison said.

Garrison and his father, David, were determined to remove the fear factor.

After three years of research and design, the solution came in the form of Sharkbanz, a magnetic wristband that wards off sharks.

The father-and-son team invented the product with the help of shark repellant technology scientists.

"Sharks have the most sensitive electrical receptors in the animal kingdom," Nathan Garrison said. "It puts off a field that really disrupts that electrical sense. It is really unpleasant for the shark, but it doesn't harm them and it turns around and flees."

To put their product to the test, the Garrisons wrapped a Sharkbanz in chum and then jumped into an ocean full of hungry sharks.

Sharkbanz only costs $40 and comes in two colors. To learn more about them or place an order, click here.