FIU professor returns from Nigeria trip to fight Ebola

Dr. Aileen Marty speaks to FIU medical students about dangers of deadly disease

MIAMI – When I met Dr. Aileen Marty on Wednesday, she did not shake my hand but did kind of an elbow bump. The reason -- Ebola is spread through your sweat, and while she was in Africa helping treat it, that's how they said hello.

The Ebola epidemic has hit close to home after a case showed up this week in Texas. And on Wednesday morning, Marty spoke to medical students at Florida International University about the deadly disease.

Marty recently returned to South Florida from Nigeria after leading Ebola containment efforts. Now that she's back in the U.S., she's educating others about the dangers of the deadly disease.

"Understand the disease, differences -- and for physicians and nurses, the best advice is ask about the travel history -- 'Where have you been, who have you been in touch with,'" said Marty.

As for the case in the Lone Star state, the man started feeling ill four or five days after arriving in the U.S. from Liberia.

This is the largest Ebola outbreak to date. That being said, health leaders remain optimistic that they will stop the spread of the disease here at home.

"We have a lot of individuals that have a lot experience with Ebola. Our resources are huge," said Marty.  

Marty spent a month helping treat Ebola. She said if it is caught early, odds are it can be treated and the person will recover.

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