Alleged road-rage victim breaks down during testimony

Neyda Osorio takes stand again in former BSO deputy Paul Pletcher's trial

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The alleged victim of road rage -- all allegedly at the hands of a sheriff's deputy -- was in tears Friday during her testimony.

The woman's ordeal was documented on cellphone video, but the defense questioned her credibility Friday.

Three years and some tough talk from the defendant's legal team took a toll on her. In the end, the case boils down to the behavior of the defendant as reflected on the videotape.

The state's key piece of evidence is a 21-second cellphone recording of now-fired deputy Paul Pletcher demanding the driver turn over her cellphone or go to jail.

It all started when the driver made a U-turn on Broward Boulevard near U.S. 441. The officer pulled up next to the car, allegedly called the two women inside "stupid Latins" and gave them the finger.

When the driver returned the gesture, Pletcher pulled them over and the driver recorded everything.

When she refused to give up the phone, Petcher took it and tossed the phone out the window up the road, smashing it to pieces.

Pletcher was a seven-year veteran once assigned to the sheriff's Pompano district. He's charged with burglary, battery, criminal mischief and petty theft.

Neyda Osorio was on the stand for a second day Friday and was very emotional, especially when questioned by defense attorney Al Milian.

Pletcher's family was also there -- both personal and professional -- including his father and many of his colleagues with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Osorio broke down when Milian attacked her character, questioning whether she's telling the truth, pointing out she may be hoping her testimony against Pletcher may help her in an unrelated case where she faces felony charges, including battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

"Since Mr. Pletcher crossed my life everything has gone wrong," said Osorio. "They've accused me of prostitution. They've accused me of drug sales. I have gone to jail. They have beaten me. They have accused me of everything."

Both the state and defense have rested. Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday.

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