Couple claims Hollywood movie theater is infested with bed bugs

Calls to Regal Cinemas chain were not returned

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A local couple claims a popular movie theater in Hollywood is infested with bed bugs and they say they have the bites to prove it

"He was obviously bitten by something badly", said Natalia Tomczynska whose husband's arm was covered with massive, red, welts. The couple said they were puzzled when their doctor told them bed bugs were to blame.

"When you think about bed bugs, you think about bed. If that was in our bed then I would be bitten, he was like chewed", she said.

After retracing their steps, the Tomczynska's are convinced it happened while they were watching a movie at the Oakwood Regal Cinemas in Hollywood two weeks ago. The were sitting side by side, holding hands, with his forearm resting on the fabric seats. While he was munching on popcorn, they think bed bugs were noshing on him.

"The next day it was very bad, especially in the night, in the night I wake up a couple times of night because it was very itchy to me yes", said Tomasz Tomczynska.

They went back to the movie theater to warn managers about the horror now playing in auditorium number 16 and weren't pleased with the responde they received. "They weren't even surprised..they were like ok, like nothing, like it was a moquito bite, not a big deal", said Natalia Tomczynska.

We tried to find out if the theater took any action after the couple complained. We didn't find any insects on the seats in fact, the place seemed very clean. Local 10's Roger Lohse asked the theater manager is the auditorium had been treated for bed bugs.

"Unfortunatley I'm not allowed to comment and you guys can't film in the lobby", the manager said.

"Are you aware of this though?", asked Lohse. "I have to have you guys leave because you're not allowed to film in the lobby", she said.

Our calls to Regal Cinemas corporate offices weren't returned. Natalia said she tried to register a formal complaint against the theater, but it turns out bed bugs aren't considered a public health hazard. There are no state nor local agency that inspects for them. So Tomczynska said she did the next best thing. She detailed her movie night-nightmare on Yelp and gave the theater one star and scathing review.

"Just to let people know, hey there is a bug infestation there, be aware where you are going", she said.

State records show the theater is current on all of its' licenses and currently has no complaints pending with state regulators.