What Kip wants you to know about tiger sharks

Kip Houghton says he had dreamed of having a close encouter with a tiger shark


MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. – Kip Houghton, 12, said he is passionate about "the beautiful" and "majestic creatures" with poor eye sight.

They sometimes confuse someone's leg for a fish, he said. And humans have to respect the life of the shark, because they are not a threat. They just make mistakes.

Here are some of the things Kip wants you to know about tiger sharks.

- They have the second most attacks on humans in the world right next to the Great White.

- Their size rival is the Great White

- They have curved teeth that are almost like hooks.

- Their favorite meal is sea turtles. They can cut them right in half with one bite.

- When they are babies their stripes are really big, black and bold, and as they get older their stripes fade.

- They tend to live alone and they have amazing eyesight, which lets them hunt at night.

- Their live for about 30 years.