Broward Sheriff's Office honors local heroes

Awards given to members of law enforcement, fire rescue, civilians

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – On Wednesday, the Broward Sheriff's Office held a special award ceremony for members of law enforcement, fire rescue and civilians who have gone above the call of duty for the Broward community.

The ceremony wrapped up around 12:30 p.m. at the Broward Center for Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

Among the award recipients was a civil process server, who's been with the department for 41 years and has only called in sick one time. Another person honored was a young BSO Explorer who helped deputies save a woman that attempted suicide. And a third is a deputy who regularly makes visits to Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital with his K-9.

"It is our way, as a command staff and sheriff, to say thank you to men and women we work with every day," said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. "You do a great job. Some folks think they are unsung heroes but they are not unsung. We recognize them and know the great job they do. They transformed the county and all of our success is because of the people."

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