YouTube video shows Miami Beach cop cursing at motorist

Police department launches internal investigation into claims against officer Kenneth MacLeod

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Miami Beach police officer is under investigation by Internal Affairs after a YouTube video surfaced showing him yelling and cursing at a motorist whom he pulled over.  

The video was posted Monday by a YouTube user named Alberto Valdes and it shows an officer, who identifies himself as "MacLeod," screaming expletives at Valdes.  

The officers is identified as Kenneth MacLeod, who has been a member of the Miami Beach Police Department since 1990.

The video doesn't show what led up to the encounter, but in his description of the incident, Valdes said he was stopped because the license plate on his scooter was flipped up.

A spokeswoman for Miami Beach police told Local 10 News that Valdes has not filed a complaint with the department, but it opened its own investigation Wednesday morning after the video came to the department's attention.

MacLeod is still working pending the outcome of the investigation. According to an Internal Affairs report, MacLeod has had six prior complaints against him for discourteous behavior in his 24-year career with the department.

Each complaint was either exonerated or unsubstantiated.

So far, Valdes has not responded to Local 10's efforts to contact him.

*** WARNING: The video below contains objectionable language that may not be suitable for some. ***

Miami Beach cop curses at motorist

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