4 teens overdose on synthetic marijuana at Sewell Park in Miami, police say

1 teen remains unconscious at JMH


MIAMI – Police are investigating after four teenagers overdosed on synthetic marijuana at a Miami park Thursday morning.

The incident happened at Sewell Park at 1825 NW South River Drive.

According to police, three boys and a girl, between the ages of 14-16 years old were smoking a synthetic marijuana known as Ambrosia in the park.

"I was walking my dog a little after 8 a.m. and I saw three boys and a girl walking and I thought, 'What are they doing around here when they should be in school?'" said Christina Palacios, who lives in the area and first spotted the teens.

Police said paramedics arrived at the park to find three of the teens convulsing and hallucinating. They said the kids were running around the park, ducking in and out of trees and bushes. The other teen was unconscious.

All four were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The three boys were listed in stable condition and are expected to be released soon. The girl remains unconscious at the hospital at this time.

"It's dangerous because you never know what happened in the mind, which kind of drugs they did," said Carmen Rincon, who lives in the area.

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