Suzanne Calana forces teen daughter into prostitution, police say

Hialeah woman arrested after teen claims mom taught her how to sell body to support drug habit


MIAMI – A Hialeah mother is in jail after she forced her 16-year-old daughter into prostitution to support her drug habit, police said.

Suzanne Calana, 37, was arrested Oct. 23 on charges of human trafficking, delivering a controlled substance to a person under the age of 18 and interference of custody.

According to the Miami police report, Calana's daughter claimed she has been using drugs with her mother since she was 12 years old. The teenager told police she is addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine and Xanax.

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To support her habit, the teen explained, she sometimes engaged in prostitution, which she learned from her mother.

Calana's daughter recalled instances in which she and her mother engaged in sexual activities with men for money while in the same room.

On several occasions, she told police, the teen sold her body to give the money to her mother for drugs.

In May, the teen said, her mother allowed her to move in with Lawrence Martin, a drug dealer from whom they had been buying drugs since April.

The teen said Martin served as her pimp, telling her she would have to "pay her way" to live with him. She said Martin, 43, set a quota of $150 a day and gave specific instructions for how much to charge for different sex acts. She told police she "went on several dates during the two weeks she lived" with Martin, who also gave her drugs during that time.

Martin was also arrested.

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