Hollywood police release updated sketch of abduction suspect

In recent instance, man tries to abduct girl at bus stop

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood police have released an updated sketch of a man believed to have attacked a third girl in the area.

The 16-year old victim was walking to a bus stop early Wednesday morning when she was approached by a man.

"(It was) probably around 5:30 in the morning and some random guy up the street a bit just comes and slaps my butt," the teen told Local 10 News.

Local 10 is concealing the victim's identity because of her age and the sensitive subject matter.

"My heart was racing so fast, I couldn't breathe really," said the 11th-grade student.

The girl said the incident happened near 19th Avenue and McKinley Street. The attack is similar to at least two other crimes that have been reported in the area in recent weeks.

"He asked her for the time, at which time she attempted to walk away. He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and attempted to control her," said Hollywood police Chief Frank Fernandez, who said the arriving bus apparently startled the man. "She was able to get away. As she was running away the subject grabbed her buttocks, which is an act that obviously concerns us deeply."

For most of Wednesday, a team of officers were circulating fliers throughout the neighborhood with the sketch of the suspect and information about the crimes.

Earlier this month the same man is accused of using a cloth in one attack and a sheet in another attack as he surprised a girl and a woman from behind just minutes apart. Detectives said they believe the cases were attempted abductions.

Wednesday's third reported attack has officers worried the man is becoming more dangerous.

"This is an all-hands-on-deck operation. We want to make sure that this individual is brought to custody as quickly as possible but we can't do it alone", said Fernandez.

Residents who were asked to remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity were seen taking the initiative to hand out fliers on their own to passing cars.

One woman said she wouldn't stop until the man was caught so girls could feel safe on the streets again.

Police officers are asking parents to not send kids to their bus stops or school alone, urging them to walk in pairs or with parents.

Uniformed and undercover officers are saturating the neighborhood, hoping to catch the man who is believed to be about 30 years old, between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall with a slender build -- a consistent description in all four crimes now being investigated by police.

"I'm hoping they get him because that's just annoyingly crazy," said the 16-year old girl, who said she plans to walk to school with her brother from now on.


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