Protesters shut down Hollywood street in Million Mask March

Demonstrators protest against oppression and mass surveillance

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A group of demonstrators taking part in a protest closed down a portion of the road surrounding Young Circle in Hollywood on Wednesday.

Laying down in the middle of the road, the demonstrators were part of the Million Mask March taking place around the world.

The event, organized by the activist group Anonymous, is being held to protest against capitalism and mass surveillance.

The group in Hollywood and at other locations was made up of people wearing "Guy Fawkes" masks made popular by anti-establishment groups and the movie V for Vendetta.

Videos and pictures of skirmishes breaking out between protesters and police in London, Hong Kong and Turkey have made their way across the Internet. A group also staged a demonstration in front of the Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC.

According to the Anonymous website, the agenda for the Million Mask March is to "Remember who your enemies are: billionaires who own banks and corporations who corrupt politicians who enslave the people in injustice."

Last year, demonstrations were held in 450 cities across the globe.

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Million Mask March Video