Man in stolen Maserati takes police from Miami-Dade County to Miramar

Delroy Roach, 26, of Miami Gardens, arrested after driving car reported stolen in Palm Beach County

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The driver of a stolen Italian luxury car sped through the streets of South Florida on Wednesday morning before he was apprehended in Miramar.

Delroy Roach, 26, of Miami Gardens, was arrested after driving the stolen blue Maserati from Miami-Dade County into Broward County, weaving in and out of traffic along the way.

A Miami-Dade police officer first spotted the 2014 Maserati, which had been reported in Palm Beach County.

Roach got on Interstate 95 and traveled north into Miramar, where he stopped and abandoned the car briefly. He then started running before changing his mind and getting back in the car.

Next, Roach continued to lead police, who were following him by air and on the ground, through several residential neighborhoods before eventually stopping in a Miramar neighborhood.

Roach ran through the neighborhood, jumping over a fence and running through several yards.


Residents told Local 10 News that Roach was banging on their doors trying to get inside.

"My wife and I both became very uncalm about it, very nervous, because we didn't know whether he would get in," resident Terry Wiggins told Local 10.

Wiggins said Roach was taken into custody right outside his home.

"I'm happy that he got caught, yes, before somebody (got) harmed," he said.

Roach faces charges of grand theft, reckless driving, fleeing and resisting arrest.

Roach's traffic violation history is long, and includes habitually driving without a license, failing to register a vehicle, driving with an expired tag and running stop signs. His criminal history includes aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana and loitering.

A second man inside the car is still at large.

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