Hollywood man gets life for kidnapping, forcing woman into prostitution

Shaun McKinley repeatedly tormented woman, took her captive after escapes


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Hollywood man has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and forcing a woman into prostitution, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Shaun McKinley, 35, of Hollywood, was found guilty of kidnapping and sex trafficking by force in September.

Evidence during the trial showed that McKinley met a 28-year-old woman outside his home in December 2013. Within days, McKinley began acting as her pimp, during which time he physically assaulted her for what he perceived to be punishment for her actions, such as returning home late from a date.

Thereafter, the woman was required to meet all customers at McKinley's home so that he could keep watch.

McKinley had her working five to seven times per day seven days a week, with McKinley profiting from every sexual escapade.

When the woman tried to leave McKinley in February 2014, McKinley found her and took her home, dragging her by the hair for blocks, punishing her by making her strip naked, covering her head with a pillow case, hog-tying her with extension cords and beating her with a board.

The woman finally got away in April, but McKinley lured her out of hiding in May and assaulted her again, throwing her into a car and driving away with her. The kidnapping was captured on surveillance video from a nearby business and shown to the jury during the trial.

She escaped again when McKinley stopped at a convenience store and left a friend in charge of watching her. That friend testified that he unlocked the door so the woman could get away.

The woman was taken to a hospital to be treated, but McKinley went there looking for her dressed in blood-stained clothes. A concerned nurse told police, who arrested McKinley.

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