Diddy punches Drake at Fontainebleau Hotel, witnesses say

Celebrities fight outside of DJ Khaled's birthday party in Miami Beach


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – North Miami DJ Sam Sneak said he saw Diddy hit Drake.

The DJ was at Fontainebleau Hotel nightclub LIV for a birthday party. On  Monday morning the DJ tweeted that "Diddy put hands on that boy." 


Other witnesses confirmed Sean John "Diddy" Combs, 45, punched Aubrey "Drake" Graham, 28, outside of the nightclub in the hotel, 4441 Collins Ave.

"You will never disrespect me" Diddy shouted before punching Drake, a witness said, and Drake did not punch him back.

The North Miami DJ claimed on Twitter that Drake left the hotel to go to the hospital, because Diddy dislocated his shoulder.

Drake was already dealing with his share of celebrity drama. Chris Brown's claimed on Instagram Saturday that he dated his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, a 26-year-old model from Los Angeles.

Drake and Diddy were some of the dozens of celebrities and artists who were at LIV for DJ Khaled's belated birthday party. The Sunny Isles DJ from New Orleans turned 39 November 26. The fight happened after 4 a.m.

"Drake and Lil Wayne and the whole da--n world" were there, Kim Kardashian's friend Jonathan Cheban said on Instagram about 4 a.m.

Diddy went "back inside to party and Drake left the club," a club employee said Monday afternoon. Diddy had a private table on the second floor overlooking the stage and dance floor and was with his girlfriend Casandra Ventura, a 28-year-old singer known as Cassie.

Drake started drinking early Sunday. A Siena Tavern Miami employee said Drake had dinner at the restaurant, 404 Washington Ave., in South Beach. He drank Patron tequila and Chopin vodka.

This isn't the first time Diddy felt Drake disrespected him. In February, Drake dropped his microphone and grabbed Diddy's out of his hand, as they performed at a New Orleans nightclub.

This isn't Drake's first nightclub brawl. Two years ago, Drake and Chris Brown reportedly got into a fight in a New York City nightclub over Rihanna. The star's entourage left glass all over the club's VIP lounge floor.

Drake's last tweet was Dec. 3. The lyrics to his songs were spray painted on the sidewalk in different places in Miami's Wynwood area. Diddy was also in Miami Beach and got a tour of the Miami Beach Convention Center during the Art Basel preview night for VIPs.

All of the comments on Diddy's post were related to the fight.

"Puff is a middle aged man with how many kids again? Who still  goes clubbing and like that's not bad enough gets into fights with twenty-somethings outside the club," an Instagram user from New York said on the post.

Neither Drake, nor Diddy, also known as Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, had filed a police report with Miami Beach police as of Monday morning.