Star Island mansion moved to new location

Mediterranean-style estate built in 1924 relocated to make way for new home

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It is not every day you see a 435-ton mansion on the go, but that's exactly what happened on 27 Star Island.

The Walter DeGarmo home sat on 12 hydraulic dollies, each weighing 50 tons, ready to move down the lot.

"We are real excited to be at this point with the project," said project manager Mark Jansheski.

Built in 1924, this Mediterranean-style home has been an icon for Star Island. The home is looking good for being 90 years old. Once it reaches its new spot, it'll connect to the garage and be restored. Behind it will be a new home.

"It's a rather large lot and we have the ability to have both preservation of the original home and build a new home on the waterfront," said Jansheski.

The process to move such a massive structure takes hours. It's a slow and steady process. 

"We already rotated the building 90 degrees to get it headed this direction," said Tom Doyle with Flint and Doyle Structural Movers.

But what does it take to move a mansion? Well, it's like moving a very large, heavy remote-controlled car.

"It's a wireless remote that controls the wheels of the building," said Doyle, who is in charge of moving the home. 

Behind the DeGarmo home will be a 17,000-square-foot contemporary home, but it's not for sale.

 "It's my brother's home," said Jansheski. "It is for him."

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