Liquor-lifting lady makes frequent return trips to Top Hat Wine & Spirits

Woman caught on camera after latest theft

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A booze bandit has made a habit of returning to the same liquor store.

Louis Raton, an assistant manager at Top Hat Wine & Spirits, said the woman has gotten away with more than $600 worth of expensive liquor.

"I hope she becomes a movie star in the near future," Raton told Local 10 News.

That's because he has 18 cameras inside and outside the store. He is hoping the video of the liquor-lifting woman caught in the act just after 7 p.m. last Tuesday helps her get recognized.

"She walks in on her cell phone, walks around the back of our wine displays and walks straight in front of the tequila cognac section that we have."

That's where she swiped two big bottles of booze.

"It was the good stuff," Raton said. "It was Hennessy 1.75."

Raton said the bottles cost $80.

The day before Thanksgiving, the same woman shoplifted two bottles of Patron tequila worth 1$00 a piece, but Raton recognized her from the first theft and followed her out.

Raton said when he confronted her, she told him she had a twin sister and then rode off in a PT Cruiser.

The car had a phony license plate, but police think she may live in the area. Raton thinks she may be selling or returning the liquor elsewhere because it's just too much for someone to drink.

"I'm hoping that her picture gets out there and they stop her from continuing to do this to us or from other small liquor stores in the area," Raton said. 

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