Dakota Kiernan accused of vandalizing Coral Springs Center for the Arts

Profanities spray-painted on walls, feces found on floor

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – An 18-year-old man is accused of vandalizing the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, spray-painting profanity on the walls and leaving excrement on the floor.

Dakota Kiernan was arrested in connection with Monday's burglary and vandalism.

Coral Springs police said Kiernan was linked to the crime by fingerprints found on a can of spray paint.

Several walls were spray-painted with obscenities, audio equipment was damaged and snack stands were ransacked.

Fire extinguishers, electronic defibrillators and flat-screen televisions were removed from their wall mounts.

"One of the individuals actually defecated on the floor," Lt. Joe McHugh told Local 10 News.

McHugh said Kiernan and another vandal spent about eight hours inside the theater, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. He said all of the displaced equipment was piled up in a stairwell inside the theater.

"But they never stole it, so what we're thinking possibly their plan was to come back later when maybe they had transportation to actually pick up the stolen property," he said.

McHugh said fingerprints were also found on a television and glass found in a women's restroom.

Police are still searching for a second vandal.

Kiernan denied any involvement.

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