Stephanie Kraft sentenced to 5 years of probation

Former Broward County school board member won't serve prison time

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A former Broward County school board member convicted of official misconduct won't be serving any prison time.

Stephanie Kraft was sentenced to five years of probation Friday. She walked out of the courtroom still wearing her brown jail jumpsuit amid applause and hugs from supporters.

Judge Matthrew Destry remanded Kraft into custody after she was found guilty last week and denied her bond while she awaited sentencing, despite the efforts of her attorney.

Kraf allegedly used the power of her elected office to help father-son developers Bruce and Shawn Chait get a $500,000 break on school board fees in exchange for $10,000 paid to her husband Mitch Kraft, who also faces charges and is expected to go to trial early next year.

"This is very humbling," Stephanie Kraft told Local 10 News.

Kraft could have her criminal record cleared if she abides by the terms of her probation, which includes 20 hours of community service.

"She can vote. She can own a firearm," her attorney said. "She has no restrictions as far as that's concerned once she's off probation."

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