Rally held in Havana, Miami on Cuba's future

Cuban artists rally in Havana to express concerns for island's future


HAVANA – A rally organized by a group of Cuban artists took place Tuesday afternoon in Havana's revolutionary square. It was held for all Cubans to express their views on the state and future of the island.

In the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, the movement dubbed #YoTambienExijo, or "I Also Demand," has been advertised throughout social media and spearheaded by Cuban artist Tania Bruguera.

The event began around 3 p.m. at the Plaza de la Revolucion. There was an open microphone where participants were allowed one minute to express their views and concerns without violence or fear of political retribution.

The movement is reminiscent of the demonstration known as "El Sussuro de Tatlin" that took place in Havana in 2009, and comes just weeks after Cuba and the U.S. announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations.

A rally was also scheduled Tuesday afternoon in Miami to coincide with Havana at downtown's Freedom Tower.