Couple has life-saving equipment stolen on Christmas

Floyd Ash needs heart pump to stay alive

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A couple visiting South Florida for the holidays had some life-saving equipment stolen from them on Christmas Day in Hollywood.

Floyd Ash and his wife had to call their doctor in Massachusetts after Ash's backup heart pump was stolen along with his pickup truck, right from their condo parking lot.

"Say one of these break that I have on -- I have a spare. If I didn't have a spare, I'm gone," Ash said.

Ash said his heart pump is what keeps him alive. The pump, however, has failed in the past, which is why he has to walk around with two as a precaution.

The couple said on Christmas Eve they noticed the lock to their red Ford F250 had been removed.

The following afternoon, the couple said, their truck was stolen from their condominium parking lot. They had been unloading groceries, and all the medical equipment and personal items were still inside.

"What if I would have died the night they took that and I didn't have this device with me? Where would I have been then?" Ash said.

The crime happened outside the couple's condo along South Ocean Drive in Hollywood.

"I just want to sell the place now. I really don't want to keep it anymore, and I've been here a long time," he said.

The red pickup had two Patriot magnets on the tailgate and a scratch on the driver's side.

Authorities are reviewing surveillance video but encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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