Woman dragged across pavement refuses to let go of purse

Surveillance video shows Barbara Rodriguez struggle with would-be thief

A man drags a woman across the pavement in an attempt to steal her purse, but the relentless victim refuses to let go.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A woman refused to let go of her purse Wednesday afternoon as a man dragged her across the pavement in an attempt to steal it.

Barbara Rodriguez, 50, was carrying several bags of groceries outside Normandy Supermarket when the would-be robber attacked.

Surveillance video captured the struggle.

The man was relentless, but so was Rodriguez.

"I hit him," Rodriguez told Local 10 News. "I try to grab his hair. I hit him in the ribs. I try to punch him. I kicked."

The man eventually ran off after a pickup truck pulled into the parking lot and another witness heard her screaming. He got away, but his knit cap fell off while he was running away. The cap was being swabbed for DNA evidence.

Police were also able to trace the car in which witnesses said they saw him make his getaway. The car was reported stolen on the west coast of Florida.

Rodriguez said she didn't want to give up her purse because she was carrying some important documents that didn't belong to her.

"What's worth more? My life or my purse and my groceries," Miami Beach police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said.

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