Michigan brothers visiting South Fla. reel in rare endangered fish

Brothers catch 3 sawfish while fishing off Islamorada

ISLAMORADA, Fla. – Two brothers from Michigan visiting South Florida for a fishing trip reeled in the catch of a lifetime.

John and Brian Wildfong said they were fishing off Islamorada on Thursday when they spotted a pair of sawfish.

Soon, the brothers said, they had spotted four of the rare creatures, catching three.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the smalltooth sawfish is federally listed as endangered.

Sawfish populations are likely declining due to overharvesting and entanglement in fishing gear.

The Wildfongs said they made a clean catch and released all three fish. They also reported their find to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Scientists told Local 10 News it is extremely rare to spot a group of sawfish and they were likely spawning.

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