Tips for proposing on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a romantic time to propose


If you really want to surprise your girlfriend this Valentine's Day, give her an engagement ring. Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday as you celebrate your love, so it can be a good time to propose if you were planning on popping the question soon.

Take a look at some ideas for how to propose on Valentine's Day.

Recreate your first date: For a romantic proposal, consider recreating your first date to take her back to where your relationship began. It can offer some perspective as to how far you've come and lead into how you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Ask with chocolate: If your date has a sweet tooth, consider placing the engagement ring in a box of chocolates. When she opens the candy and finds the ring you can pop the question.

Make a public proposal: Warning – only try this if your date likes public attention and if you're very certain she will accept your proposal. If you're planning on seeing a concert or a play on Valentine's Day try to arrange it ahead of time for you to be allowed on stage to propose to your girlfriend in front of the entire audience.

Propose at a restaurant: If there's a restaurant that is special to you and your girlfriend, consider popping the question there. You can hide the ring in her dessert, or in a glass of champagne, or simply kneel down next to the table and present her with the ring there.

Make a private proposal: If your girlfriend doesn't like a lot of attention, consider planning a romantic evening in the privacy of your home to propose. This way you can enjoy the evening together without any unwanted attention on her and any pressure on you to propose in front of a large group of people.