Fort Lauderdale not canceling red-light camera program at this time

Judge: City program violates state statute

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Fort Lauderdale Police Department announced Friday that the city will not be canceling its red-light camera program at this time.

The response comes a day after a judge ruled that the city's program violates the state statute.

"At this time, the city of Fort Lauderdale will continue with the red-light camera program," Detective Tracy Figone told Local 10 News. "The court ruling is still very fresh and we are awaiting direction from the city before any changes or updates will take place."

On Thursday, a Broward County judge released an order stating, in part, "Based upon testimony and evidence presented, this Court finds that the procedures used by the city of Fort Lauderdale in accordance with its contract with ATS (American Traffic Solutions) violate the requirements of F.S. 316.0083 in that the city's representative does not actually create or issue the Uniform Traffic Citation."

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The ruling comes just weeks after dozens of red-light runners who were caught on camera in the city of Hollywood had their cases dismissed due to a similar order.

Red-light ticket attorney Ted Hollander said it's within the city's right to continue issuing tickets, but it "doesn't seem real genuine on their part considering the court has said their tickets are unenforceable, so I think they're hoping people don't pay attention to the news and blindly pay these tickets."

Hollander said anyone who gets a ticket for running a red light in Fort Lauderdale should fight it.

"You should not pay it," he said.

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