Fidel Castro meets with 'Cuban Five'

Granma photos released with article by former Cuban president

Courtesy: Estudio Revolucin, Granma
Courtesy: Estudio Revolucin, Granma

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – New photos showing former Cuban president Fidel Castro during a meeting with former prisoners, the Cuban Five, were released Monday on the website of Cuba's state-run newspaper. 

The photos were published on Granma, along with an article written by Castro, praising the men whom the United States government found guilty of various spying efforts after infiltrating Cuban-American groups in South Florida in the 1990s. 

Three of the men were released in December as part of a prisoner exchange included in the announced change in U.S.-Cuba foreign relations. The other two had been previously released from U.S. custody. 

According to Castro's essay, the meeting took place Sunday, 73 days after the final three men returned. 

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