Man faces neglect charge after toddler bitten by dog

Eddson Berrios, 39, failed to get child medical care, police say


MIAMI – Police arrested a 39-year-old man who was caring for a 22-month-old child when she was bitten by a dog Feb. 27.

Miami police said instead of taking the child to receive medical care, Eddson Berrios attended to the girl's wounds at home.

Berrios was found to have lied about his initial story, police said, during the course of an investigation.

He originally told police the girl was bitten by a stray dog at a park near his home, but police said he later admitted the dog, which belonged to him, actually bit her while at his home.

The toddler suffered several lacerations and a bone fracture from the dog bites.

Berrios faces one count of neglect of a child, one count of (medical) neglect of child and one count of false reports to law enforcement.

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