Film illuminates youth in Cuba

'13 Million Voices' to make world premiere at Miami International Film Festival

MIAMI – It's a film more than 10 years in the making, but a story that spans many generations.

"13 Million Voices" is set to the backdrop of the Peace without Borders concert in Havana, Cuba in 2004.

Sister-brother team Janelle and Chris Gueits have worked for over a decade on their dream of illuminating the youth in Cuba.

At a time when their native country is going through tremendous change, the labor of love that brought on many challenges will finally make it to the big screen in the Miami International Film Festival.

The world premiere is set for March 11th at the Tower Theater located at 1508 SW 8 St. in Little Havana.

The film takes a closer look at the struggles still affecting the many generations in Cuba, and aims to bring a different perspective to what Gueits says are the misconceptions about life on the island.

Despite years of financial constraints and logistical challenges and growing tensions and changes in Cuba, Gueits is looking at the bigger picture and the impact she hopes this film will have on the world, especially those who share her vision here in South Florida.