8-year-old boy undergoes surgery after dog attack

American bulldog leaves deep gashes on thighs, arm of boy


MIAMI – The family of an 8-year-old boy who was attacked by a dog outside a home in Miami on Thursday underwent surgery for his injuries, and is listed in stable condition.

Leon Montiel was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital after the dog attacked him while he was bouncing a ball outside and walking with his mother in the 3800 block of Northwest 12th Street.

Authorities said a neighbor's 6-year-old American bulldog escaped from the home and attacked the boy.

The dog left deep gashes on the boy's thighs and arm. His father, Oscar Montiel told Local 10 News that the dog wouldn't let go, even when the owner tried pulling it off of Leon.

Montiel said this has been a trying time for the entire family.

"He's recovering, taking a few steps --Mom is distraught (and) I'm just standing there feeling hopeless basically," Montiel said.  

Animals services came by the dog owner's home Friday afternoon to ask a few more questions. They also visited the hospital to speak with the family.

So far the dog's owner has only been cited and has been allowed to keep his pet.

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