Pembroke Pines doctor accused of beating girlfriend for second time

Dr. Rafael Azulay accused of punching girlfriend, kicking her in face, stomach


WESTON, Fla. – A practicing internist in Pembroke Pines was arrested for the second time on domestic violence charges.

Dr. Rafael Azulay appeared in bond court Monday morning where a judge ordered that he be held in jail in lieu of $7,500 bond.

In the latest case, Azulay is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face on Sunday, and kicking her in the face and stomach once she had fallen to the floor.

He faces a charge of battery.

According to an arrest report, the couple had been arguing because Azulay wanted the woman's set of house keys. The victim told deputies that she tried to hide in the home's cigar room but Azulay dragged her out.

Deputies said the woman was bleeding heavily when they arrived, but Azulay claimed that he did not touch her.

A longtime friend of the victim, who asked not to be identified, told Local 10 News that Azulay has a history of abusing his girlfriend, humiliating her on numerous occasions by rubbing cat food on her face and rubbing her face in dirt.

"For the bail to be set so low, I don't understand," said the woman. "It's sickening."

The woman said the victim had recently divorced before she began her relationship with Azulay, and felt trapped because she had quit her job, and Azulay was now supporting her.

Recent text messages between the woman and the victim showed the fear Azulay instilled in his girlfriend:

"I'm too scared to talk," the victim said.

"He hit you!" the friend said. "You need to get out NOW."

"(He) beat me for an hour," the victim said.

"Why are you scared to talk?" the friend asked. No response followed.

The friend says the woman suffered multiple injuries, including a black eye, broken nose and received 12 staples in her head.

Azulay was also arrested Aug. 31 at his home in Weston, after deputies said he beat his live-in girlfriend and held her against her will inside his home.

According to the arrest report, the victim's mother called 911 to say that her daughter called her claiming to be "in trouble" and said she was being held against her will.

When deputies arrived at Azulay's home at 3204 Islewood Ave., they found both Azulay and his girlfriend sitting on their back patio.

Deputies said the woman had visible physical injuries to her face and bruising on her neck, arms, back and legs.

Deputies said besides beating his girlfriend, Azulay also forbid her from speaking to anyone except her mother on an occasional basis and did not allow her to leave their home without him.

The victim's friend said she has not spoken to Azulay's girlfriend for months because she kept telling her to leave Azulay. She said the victim told deputies that she did not want to press charges against the doctor in the first case.

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