Restaurant leaves touching letter for 'dumpster diver'

Owner offers full meal for person who went into dumpster for food


WARR ACRES, Okla. – A letter left by a restaurant owner to the person who went into her dumpster looking for food has touched many across the nation.

Last week, Ashley Jiron, owner of P.B. Jams outside Oklahoma City, noticed someone had been inside her restaurant's dumpster looking for food.

Disturbed to learn that anyone would be that desperate to eat, Jiron posted a letter to the dumpster and the front door of the restaurant offering the person a clean meal.

"That really, it hurt me that someone had to do that," Jiron told KFOR.

The sign tells the unidentified person that they are a human being and worth more than a meal from dumpster and that they are welcome to come in for a sandwich, vegetables and a drink at no charge and no questions asked.

So far, no one has gone in to claim their meal, but the offer will be available for a long time.

Said Jiron, "I will not take down that sign until they come in."