Couple steals pricey ATV from Davie shop

$6,000 ATV stolen March 30 from Motorcycle World

DAVIE, Fla. – Surveillance cameras captured a couple stealing an all-terrain vehicle from a South Florida motorcycle store.  

It happened March 30 at Motorcycle World on State Road 84, just east of Pine Island Road.

Surveillance video shows a dark Ford F-150 pickup truck with a silver tool box mounted in the bed, pull into the front of the store. The truck then drives around to the west side of the building where the driver, a heavy set man, used a hand saw to cut the lock off a trailer that's chained to the light pole.

"When he came back to pull it out, he saw that lock over there and that prevented him from pulling it out," said store owner Élan Hada, as he pointed to a heavy duty lock on one of the wheels of the trailer.

Hada's cameras showed that the portly suspect wasn't alone. He brought a woman along with him. She appears to have blonde hair, and neither of them tried to hide their faces from the surveillance cameras mounted on building.

"I mean these people, they just feel so free. I mean you can see the person so comfortable doing what he doing,", Hada told Local 10 News.

With the trailer locked down, the thieves turned their attention on a storage container nearby and that time their handsaw proved to do the trick. They cut the deadbolts off and discovered a $6,000 ATV inside, which they quickly wheeled out and loaded up onto the pickup truck.

Before the crooked couple left, they were sure to wipe their fingerprints off of the trailer and the storage container. Hada thinks that could be an indication that they've been to jail before, and he said if it's up to him, they'll be back behind bars real soon.

"I want to recover my property, but these people deserve to be in the place where they belong," Hada said.

Anyone who recognizes either of the people in the video or the truck is asked to call Davie police.

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