Suspected ATV thief claims he was put up to crime

Philip Stack, 53, says burglary was part of insurance fraud scheme


DAVIE, Fla. – A man accused of stealing an all-terrain vehicle from a motorcycle store last month in Davie told Local 10 News that a friend put him up to the crime.

Philip Stack, 53, was arrested for stealing the ATV from Motorcycle World on State Road 84, just east of Pine Island Road. 

He called Local 10 News after his arrest and said he wanted to talk. 

"I'm not the type of person who goes around robbing and stealing from people," Stack said.

But a police arrest record released Friday contradicts Stack's claims and the story he told Local 10's Hatzel Vela.

When arrested, Stack told Davie police that "he needed the money due to the fact that he has a drug problem."

Stack was arrested Wednesday after someone recognized him on surveillance video from a Local 10 News report on the burglary.

The video showed a dark Ford F-150 pickup truck with a silver tool box mounted in the bed pulling into the front of the store March 30. The truck then drove around to the west side of the building where Stack used a hand saw to cut the lock off a trailer, which was chained to a light pole.

The video also shows a blonde woman at the scene of the crime.

With the trailer locked down, the couple turned their attention on a storage container nearby and that time the handsaw proved to do the trick. They cut the deadbolts off and quickly wheeled out the ATV and loaded it onto the pickup truck.

In his interview with Local 10, Stack even went so far as to accuse the shop owner of being in on the theft for insurance money, but the store owner denies that claim and points out Stack's own admission of needing money for his drug habit, said co-owner Dori Kesary.

"He's dreaming. He's on some kind of medicine or something," said Kesary. 

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