Late delivery: Amazon packages spilled on highway

Police: Truck driver veered off road


Hundreds of packages were strewn across the interstate Wednesday morning, according to California news station KRCR.

Books, clothes and gifts were peeking out from some of the boxes busted open after a crash in Orland, California.

"Consumer products," explained Sgt. William Quisenberry of the Willows California Highway Patrol. "Being shipped by Amazon.com."

Quisenberry said only one vehicle was involved - a Hendrickson Trucking Company semitrailer. The driver was heading north, delivering hundreds of orders from the online retailer.

"He left at 2 o'clock last night," said the sergeant of the driver. "So he was driving all night."

Quisenberry said it was around 6 in the morning when the driver began to drift from the right lane. He added he has seen it happen before.

"From his statement, he said he fell asleep... nodded off," Quisenberry explained. "Woke up right before he hit the overpass and steered to the right."

The driver was uninjured. CHP said he walked away from the scene.

As for the packages? Many are untouched while some are definitely mangled. The sergeant said they will likely be returned to Amazon, which will decide what to do next.