No jail time for government vendor who admitted stealing $50,000

South Florida fuel king Amancio Alonso walks after agreeing to pay money back

Amancio Alonso walks out of jail after agreeing to a plea deal.
Amancio Alonso walks out of jail after agreeing to a plea deal.

HIALEAH, Fla.Government-connected fuel company owner Amancio Alonso was facing up to 10 years in prison Wednesday after being hit with two grand theft charges for cheating taxpayers out of $50,000.

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Thursday morning, just 24 hours after he turned himself in on the charges, Alonso was home free, his case wrapped up in court, with no jail time and adjudication of guilt withheld, meaning he isn't even officially a convicted felon.

All the millionaire businessman had to do was agree to pay back the $50,000 plus $42,000 in costs, and serve a sentence of two years probation.

The deal was hammered out by prosecutors in Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Rundle's office prior to Alonso being charged Wednesday.

Rundle lauded Miami-Dade police detectives and prosecutors in a media release Wednesday.

"With the consumption of this gasoline, it could have been a very difficult crime to uncover," Rundle stated in the release. "Instead, we will be getting this money back."

Alonso, whose MacMillan Oil company has snared hundreds of millions of dollars worth of government contracts in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, admitted to investigators that he systematically ripped off the city of Hialeah and the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department by promising midgrade 89-octane gas but actually delivering cheaper 87-octane regular fuel over a period of five years.

MacMillan Oil was named by the Miami Herald last year as the third-largest vendor in Miami-Dade County, reportedly doing $240 million in business in a single year.

Alonso's company has also inked a recent $47 million deal with Broward County, a $30 million deal with Broward schools and has had contracts with a slew of cities from Delray Beach to Coral Gables.

The company is currently bidding for the Miami-Dade fuel contract and the company, despite Alonso's admission of theft from taxpayers, hasn't missed a beat.

The plea deal didn't include any restriction on the company continuing to do public business.

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