Miami hotel charging sky-high rates for parking

Hyatt Regency claims top fees are only for special events


MIAMI – It appears that now, you not only need a loan to purchase a car, you'll also need a second income just to afford to valet park that car in Downtown Miami.

Local 10's Glenna Milberg was at the Miami Hyatt Regency on Friday morning when she spotted a sign asking an astronomical $50 to valet park at the hotel.

Just. To. Park.

No car wash included. Or free buffet. Not even a souvenir key chain.

While sky-high valet parking fees aren't new, especially in locations such as New York City or Los Angeles, this half-a-C-Note rate in South Florida is an eye-opener and enough to make your wallet cringe. Or at least make it think it was on South Beach.

Hotel officials say the normal overnight valet parking fee is $39, but they take the opportunity to jack it up when special events are held, like graduations or Friday's City of Miami Police promotion ceremony.

To make matters worse, the City of Miami raised the rate on their own lots at the hotel during the ceremony; forcing its own police officers and their families to cough up a cash-only $10 fee when the hourly-rate is much cheaper.

So get your savings in gear, you're going to have to park sooner or later.