3 teens accused of skipping school, stealing bikes in Hialeah

Suspects attend Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School

From left: Justin Granados, 16, Christopher Rivers, 17, Travon Crawford, 17.

HIALEAH, Fla. – Three teenagers were arrested Thursday after skipping school and stealing bicycles from people's backyards in Hialeah, police said.

According to an arrest report, Justin Granados, 16, Travon Crawford, 17, and Christopher Rivers, 17, were seen entering a gated community by a detective. The detective said he saw Rivers steal a blue bicycle, valued at $150 and hand it to Granados, who rode the bike out of the community while the other two boys walked alongside him.

Police said Rivers entered another gated yard, stole a pink bike, valued at $150, while the other two teens acted as lookouts.

Police said the boys were heading westbound on East 62nd Street toward West Third Avenue when they were taken into custody.

Police said all three teens admitted to stealing the bikes and were charged with burglary and petit theft.

The suspects attend Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School.

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