Alleged cop shooter fights to prove bond money is clean

Elton Bandoo accused of shooting North Miami Beach police officer during identity theft sting


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Last month, Judge Jason Bloch granted Elton Bandoo $500,000 bond after he allegedly shot a North Miami Beach police officer who was assisting in a federal identity theft sting. For the past couple of weeks, Bandoo and his defense team have been trying to prove that the money meant to pay his bond and the collateral isn't dirty.

Bandoo and his defense team pushed for his release, insisting it's the fair thing to do. But the state is concerned that the majority of the $500,000 collateral comes from a relative in the Bahamas, and that the state -- as it stands right now -- would be unable to put a lien on the property should Bandoo decide to skip town and his trial.

Bandoo has to come up with 10 percent of the bond, which is $50,000, leaving the rest -- $450,000 -- to be covered by the bondsman, who must get that equivalent in collateral.

Bandoo was arrested back in February after he allegedly opened fire on authorities from inside his home while officers were trying to serve a warrant.

Officer Lino Diaz was struck several times and is still recovering from his injuries.

Bandoo is charged with attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer.

Bandoo has said he fired the gun only after hearing loud bangs and his mother screaming, "We're being robbed."

The judge and the state both said they are concerned because most of the collateral is in the Bahamas.

The judge postponed his decision in the case until Monday morning.

The defense said they are hoping to satisfy the judge by getting Bandoo's relatives to put the balance in escrow, or by signing an affidavit that would give the state of Florida the right to put a lien on the properties should Bandoo skip town.

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