Police: A home's design can attract crime

Ways to deter burglars

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Coral Springs police officer Glen Roberts, an expert on home crime prevention, said there is a community in the city that hasn't had a break-in on record.

It's called Mainstreet, off Westview Drive and Coral Springs Drive.

One reason, according to Roberts, is the design of the community.

"You immediately have porches in every direction, you have windows in every direction, and they're generally pointing down at the street," he said.

Unlike other developments, where porches are in the back of the home, activity in Main Street homes is concentrated in the front. That helps neighbors get to know each other.

It also deters criminals.

"It doesn't give them a feeling of welcome to commit the act because they know anybody can call in the police and then it will lead to their apprehension," Roberts said.

A homeowner might not be able to change a house's architecture, but there are things he or she can do to turn off criminals.

One idea: trim the hedges.

"The hedges should be about three feet high," Roberts said.

Thick foliage seems like it would be ideal for privacy, but high hedges give crooks time and a place away from view to steal.

Another idea is to keep some blinds open during the day. Closed blinds and drapes makes criminals think no one is watching them.

Finally, Roberts said to consider re-painting the front door a bright color like red.It calls attention to itself.

"If a criminal is standing there knocking or trying to pry that door at this time, somebody driving by, like one of your neighbors, is going to see it," he said.

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