Pig runs for mayor in Michigan

Attorney puts pig on ballot in Flint


FLINT, Mich. – A candidate is already asking for write-in votes for the upcoming Flint Mayor's race.

Giggles the Pig says she's running because she's never been convicted of crime, she has never missed a deadline and won't waste money.

It sounds like a joke, and maybe at some level it is, but the man behind Giggles is an attorney. He is so disgusted with the state of Flint politics - and especially the latest mistake that has no candidates for mayor allowed on the ballot - he is looking into the legality of an animal for mayor.

He says other cities around the country have elected animals in the past.

He tells ABC12, Giggles won't make as many mistakes as a human.

On Giggles' Facebook page, which has 370 likes as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, people are pledging support.