Miami-Dade principal removed from post after commenting on racially charged national debate

Alberto Iber sympathizes with police officer who pulled gun on teens in online post

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – North Miami Senior High School principal Alberto Iber has been removed from his post, Miami-Dade County Public School spokeswoman Daisy Gonzalez-Diego said Wednesday.

The move comes after Iber engaged in a national debate over a Texas police officer who pulled a gun on black teenagers at a pool party over the weekend.

"He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions," Iber posted in the comment section of an article about the incident.

The post showed Iber's Facebook picture and job title.

A woman responded, "Who was afraid????! The cop with the gun??!"

A man also responded to the comment, which read in part, "Alberto Iber – as a principal at a school which is 99 percent minority (mostly black), and ranked near the bottom in national and state rankings (U.S. News & World Report rankings), such a comment reveals to me that you're a serious part of the problem."

Gonzalez-Diego said Iber violated school board policy by failing to conduct himself "both personally and professionally, in a manner that represents the school district's core values."

"Judgment is the currency of honesty," Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said. "Insensitivity -- intentional or perceived -- is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies, but more importantly with our expectation of common sense behavior that elevates the dignity and humanity of all, beginning with children."

The school board is expected to announce a replacement soon.

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