Man uses 'sext messages' to extort woman for thousands

Sahba Nadery, 27, pleads no contest to extortion charges

RPA Sexortion 11p
RPA Sexortion 11p

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – It's a tale of undercover cameras, taped calls and naked pictures.

"My life has been (a) nightmare!" a victim is heard saying on a wire-tapped call.

Court records show that victim was speaking with 27-year old Sahba Nadery, who was eventually arrested and charged with extortion.

Court documents claim the two met at the victim's business. Afterward, Nadery allegedly texted her "a explicit photograph of his penis." Records say she then sent him naked photographs of her body. Documents call it an "emotional, texting" relationship that went on for months. During that time, the victim apparently loaned Nadery first $5,000 and then $2,000, and claims it was never paid back.

The victim said Nadery then asked for more. Just a few of the texts contained in case records between Nadery and the victim said:

"I need $3,000. Please help me," Nadery texts.

"I would if I could," the victim replies.

"I'm sure you can come up with $3,000," he writes.

He then sent a picture and texted, "There's many more."

During dozens of other texts, the numbers keep changing. The woman even sends a photo of a check to Nadery.

At one point she texts, "No, I'll do it, you are very dangerous! I don't want to throw my life to garbage for a couple of stupid porno picture (sic)."

She eventually goes to the Broward Sheriff's Office. Deputies asked her to get it all on tape and make several recorded phone calls:

"I want this done, I want this over, I can't live my life like that ... I told you I'm sick, and this ... this is killing me," the victim says.

Later in the call, Nadery is heard saying, "I want you to deposit something in my account today ... so you can..."

"No," the victim replies.

"Show me that you're serious," Nadery says.

It didn't happen that day, but the two eventually met while deputies were again taping.

"Look, just to show you -- $1,500," the victim says as she hold up a check.

Minutes later, Nadery is heard saying, "So, everything is here."

"OK," the victim says.

"Everything that you've sent is all here ... so ..." Nadery says.

"No, I'm talking about the pictures," the victim says.

"Yes. Yeah, everything is here," Nadery tells her.

"The sex tape ... the..." the victim says.

"So, once I go like this and hit delete... everything is gone," Nadery says.

"So, you're gonna do that... at the... the bank?"

"As soon as I deposit the check at the bank... there's one right here," Nadery agrees.

Near the bank, though, instead of making that deposit, deputies move in along the road and arrest Nadery as he is driving.

"What you're actually being charged with is extortion," a deputy says during a taped interview.

"These are pictures that she willingly sent to me," Nadery said.

"Right," the deputy says.

"So I don't understand," Nadery says.

He soon understands that he is facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Nadery has a criminal past that court records list as a third-degree felony for grand theft.

"I'm very disappointed that you're back," Judge David Haimes said as Nadery appeared in court on the new extortion charge.

Nadery then took a plea deal. He agreed to pay the $7,000 back and plead no contest to the charges of extortion. In return, he received three years probation as Haimes entered a verdict of guilty.

"Huge break here," Haimes told Nadery.

"You think you got off easy in this case? Why would you do something like this to this woman?" investigative reporter Ross Palombo asked Nadery as he left the courtroom, but Nadery would not reply.

The victim would only say, "I'm relieved," as she also left the courtroom.

She later said she didn't want the fact that she put someone in jail to weigh on her conscience.

Nadery has been ordered to stay away from her while he is on probation.

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